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QLsauna About

Xuzhou QLsauna Equipment Co., Ltd., established in 1992, is a large-scale professional infrared sauna equipment manufacturing export company. So far, the company has the international brand "QLsauna", the domestic brand "Xiaodetang", has two large production bases, can provide a complete product line, with R&D's professional capabilities, mainly producing far-infrared saunas, traditional Steam sauna and foot bath barrels and other products.


Technology Support

Sauna installation

1、Attention the following before installation!
Do not share the same plug with other appliances.
Position it on a flat level surface.
Do not splash the exterior with water. If the floor is damp, install a floor
separator to keep the sauna dry & high.
Do not store the flammable objects or chemical substances near the sauna.
please installed as the following pictures

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